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The Propeller Upblast Roof Fans feature a slow speed steel propeller designed to yield low sound levels at low pressure ratings or a cast aluminum non-sparking airfoil propellers suitable for medium pressure ranges and mildly corrosive atmospheres. These axial upblast fans offer high capacity general ventilation for both industrial and commercial environments. They are ideal for commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, chemical hoods, shopping malls and schools. Mounting of fans directly over work areas permits upward venting of contaminated or heated air to protect workers and work area. Fans mounted on walls provide horizontal air flow and thus do not eliminate this problem.

Upblast Propeller Roof Fans are designed for all weather performance by utilizing quiet operating butterfly dampers which remain open only when the fan is turned on and remain weather tight to prevent incoming rain and snow when shut off. They are also designed for minimum maintenance and long life.

Model VS/VA/V

The Model VS is the low profile upblast fan with steel propellers, and the Model VA is the low profile upblast fan with cast aluminum propellers. Both models are belt driven which allows adjustment of fan speed for system balancing. The Model V is a direct driven low profile fan featuring a cast aluminum propeller. Capacities range from 3,700 to 57,000 CFM and up to 1.0 in wg.


The Model VBO and VBO-HV features a remote drive,with motor, belts, and bearings removed from the airstream. The Model VBO is designed to operate reliable in hostile environments where motor and drive needprotection. The Model VBO-HV is engineered to meet the high temperature requirements of the Uniform Fire Code of 1000°F for a minimum of 15 minutes, and the IRI requirements of 500°F for a minimum of 4 hours. Capacities range from 4,148 to 57,000 CFM and up to 1.0 in wg

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Model VBO

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