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Belt and direct drive sidewall propeller fans designed and built for industrial and commercial applications. These fans are available with a slow speed steel propeller designed to yield low sound levels at low pressure ratings or a cast aluminum non-sparking airfoil propellers suitable for medium pressure ranges and mildly corrosive atmospheres. Suitable for clean air applications including exhaust, supply, or filtered supply. Reversible fans to provide equal airflow in either direction are available.

The fans feature heavy gauge galvanized construction for long life and minimum maintenance. Ideal for supplying large air volumes into schools, commercial buildings, warehouses, power plants, industrial plants, equipment rooms, shopping centers, supermarkets, or for exhausting heat, moisture, contaminants, smoke and grease.

Model PS/PA/P

The Model PS is a sidewall propeller fan with steel propeller, and the Model PA is a sidewall propeller fan with cast aluminum propeller. Both models are belt driven which allows adjustment of fan speed forsystem balancing. The Model P is a direct driven sidewall propeller fan featuring a cast aluminum propeller. Capacities range from 3,500 to 85,000 CFM and up to 1.0 in. wg.

Most sidewall propeller fans are installed with accessories. Romlair offers a complete line of accessories for safety, ease of fan installation, and weather protection. These fan accessories include wall housings, wall collars, guards, dampers, and weatherhoods. Disconnect switches, and special coatings are also available.

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Special Custom Propellers

On many applications, custom sidewall fans are required using special injection molded engineered thermoplastic or fiberglass propellers.  Consult the factory for additional information.

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  • Model PS,PA,P,SPF
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