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Romlair propeller tube axial inline fans are designed and built for industrial and commercial applications. Ideal for exhausting large air volumes from schools, commercial buildings, warehouses, power plants, industrial plants, equipment rooms, shopping centers, and parking structures.

These fans are available in both direct drive and belt drive and with adjustable pitch cast aluminum air foil propellers. All models include a heavy gauge steel housing with steel angle end flange rings for superior strength and airtight duct connections. . To facilitate installation, Romlair offers several optional mounting configurations providing a complete mounting system. The include horizontal base mount, horizontal base mount motor at 3 or 9 o’clock position, ceiling hung-horizontal motor at 3 or 9 o’clock position, ceiling hung-horizontal, ceiling hung-horizontal, and base mount-vertical. See Catalog TB&TD-02 for details.

Model TB

The Model TB is a belt driven propeller tube axial inline fan designed for use where the fan motor must be kept out of  the direct air stream.  Belt drive models are suitable for use in the presence of corrosive, dust, and grease laden atmospheres.  Belts and bearings are enclosed in an air insulated housing which protect them from contamination, keeps them cool and prolongs service life under severe operating conditions. Fans use industrial duty motors for years of trouble free operation.  Variable pitch drives are standard and allows adjustment of fan speed for system balancing. Capacities range from 4,300 to 60,000 CFM and up to 1.o in wg.  

Model TD

The Model TD is a direct driven propeller tube axial Inline fan . They feature a more compact size than the belt driven size and require less maintenance. TD fans with optional premium efficiency motors can be used with variable frequency drives to accommodate changing performance requirements. Direct tube axial propeller fans should be used where ever the air being handled is relatively clean or where temperatures do not exceed the operating limitations of the motor. Capacties range from 905 cfm to 37,000 CFM and up to 1.0 in wg.

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Model TD

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