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Romlair High Velocity Air Circulators are designed to project airstreams up to 200 feet. This is many times greater than the typical pedestal or box fan. These direct drive fans are available in 14”, 18”, 22”, and 30” sizes, and offer 5 different mounting arrangements.

When suspended from above, these high velocity fans provide an even stream of air around the work or warehouse area, effectively distributing air to 100% of the area. This is more desirable than providing pedestal fans which can only cool a limited area and often get in the way in production or warehouse operations.

Standard features include:

  • Direct driven for minimal maintenance
  • High performance zinc-aluminum propeller
  • Attractive deep spun 14 gauge steel housing
  • Safety guards on both the inlet and exhaust side of fan
  • Motor mounting bracket designed to fit most standard off the shelf motors.
  • Power cord furnished on single phase units.
  • Fan housing coated with a thermally fused powdered polyurethane black finish
Model AF-CS Chain Suspended

The chain suspended installation is the most popular, simple and low cost method of installation.


Model AF-YM Yoke Mounted

Another method of mounting is the yoke type mount, which allows easy adjustment up and down and side to side. Can be mounted to overhead beams or any other flat surface. This type of mounting is also practical for mounting in restricted ceiling areas such as mezzanines and low ceiling areas.

Picture of AF-YM

Model AF-CW Column or Wall Mount

This type of mounting allow the fan to be mounted to a wall or column, featuring easy adjustment up and down and side to side, similar to the yoke mounting. Oscillators can be supplied upon request.

Picture of AF-CW

Model AF-DF Dock Fan

The fans are designed for recirculating the air in semi-truck trailers and around loading docks. With a special wall mounting, the fan delivers a wave of cooler air to the front of the trailer, forcing the warmer air out to the rear of the trailer. This provides more comfort and higher productivity for workers loading and unloading inside the trailer. These wall mount units are designed so that they won’t get in the way of material handling equipment or personnel. Optional dock light is available to provide additional visibility in dark trailers.

Picture of AF-DF

Model AF-PM Pedestal Fan

On applications where a portable type fan is required, the Model AF-PM offers a superior design featuring a special inlet/outlet cone design that delivers substantially more air than other type pedestal or box fans. The fan’s heavy-duty construction will give a lifetime of reliable service.

Picture of AF-PM

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