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Romlair features a wide selection of non-powered gravity ventilators and accessories for both CFM, and Intake/Relief applications. When used for CFM applications several models of gravity ventilators are rated based on factors such as wind speed, temperature difference, and stack height. They offer an economical approach to many ventilation applications. Intake/Relief applications work on pressure differential between the inside and outside of the building and our usually sized based on desired pressure requirements.

Model ST

These ventilators feature low silhouette architecturally appealing styling for exhaust relief or air intake applications. They are inconspicuous and under many conditions are unnoticeable form the ground. Available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless construction.

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Model RPV

Romlair extruded aluminum louvered penthouses feature architecturally appealing styling for exhaust relief or air intake applications. They are also frequently used as gravity ventilators, fan discharge or intake caps, and enclosures to house roof-mounted fans and other equipment.

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Model RSV

Romlair Model RSV is a spun aluminum roof mounted gravity to be used on intake or relief applications. Attractive low silhouette design harmonized with modern building design. Corrosion resistant design: All aluminum materials assembled with stainless steel fasteners ensure superior corrosion resistance and long life.

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Available in sizes 8” to 36”.

Models RR/RS

Model RR Turbo Ventilators provide mechanical ventilation through spinning action combined with natural flow factors. The combination of these factors assures a higher, more consistent exhaust pattern than is possible with other gravity ventilators. The Model RS is a stationary type ventilator used on many industrial and commercial applications. This ventilator conforms to Corp of Army Engineers Bulletin CE 220.09 for gravity ventilators. Accessories are available such as Disc Dampers, Square to Round Bases, Flat Collar Bases, and auxiliary duct fan designed to convert existing round gravity ventilator to power.

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  • Gravity Catalog G95 (Model RR,RS, ST, STF) (file size)
  • Model RPV Penthouse Ventilator (file size)
  • Model RSV Spun Ventilator

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