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Ridge Ventilators

Model RV

Model RV Romlair Ridge Ventilators are ideal for steel buildings and other applications requiring an inconspicuous high volume exhaust vent. Install on peaks, flat roofs, or on curbs.

A wide range of sizes are available from 4” up 60”. Standard 9” & 12” RV units come complete with end caps and a worm operator and can be used for single unit installations or a continuous run. No special join plates or operators are required on these two sizes for a continuous run. This allows stocking of only one type of ventilator to fit all needs. All other sizes come in the standard single unit design or continuous run design.

RV Model

Model RAV

Romlair’s Model RAV is designed for the removal of large quantities of smoke, heat and fumes, normally found in steel mills, foundries, and other heavy industries. Maximum capacity is achieved by the larger throat areas from 2 to 5 feet in width and by channeling the air through an unrestricted passage through-out the entire length of the ventilator.

RAV Model

Volumatic Ventilators

Model VM

Romlair’s new volumatic design is similar to a series of ridge ventilators mounted side by side to provide a more concentrated area of exhaust opening. It is now possible to practically open up the roof over hot spots, or areas demanding quick release of smoke, fumes, or contaminated air. Available in three standard widths (opening span) up to 10 feet.

Volumatic Images

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